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Drakensang hack

Download Drakensang hack tool

You can download tool link


How to use tool

  1. Download tool after unrar file
  2. Login the game, choose sever
  3. Run hack tool exe file
  4. Choose Gold, Silver, Andermant and Copper you want
  5. Click Generator hack
  6. In a few minutes, reload and see change in your accout
  7. Have fun. Good lucky

Review game Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a free-to-play, browser-based fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG which is developed  published by Bigpoint, one of largest browser game distributors. The original Drakensang PC game is prevalent and popular among players already; and now the browser version adapted from it will all the more be anticipated and welcomed, since it is more easily and widely accessible than its initial computer version.

There are eight primary attributes, and these are combined to set the base level for various skills. The skills are grouped together into five talent pools with five skills in each. As the game progresses, the character gains experience points, which can be used to learn new skills, improve existing skills, increase attributes, learn spells, or gain special combat abilities. However, all new spells, skills or special combat abilities must also be purchased from a suitable NPC. During the game, the characters can learn various alchemical, archery and blacksmith recipes, then assemble materials to make potions, bows, arrows, lockpicks, and so forth.

Once invited to Murolosh, the main character helps investigate an attempted assassination and save the lovely Salina, after which they will gain the means to enter the undead-infested Deeps of Gruldur below the city. Finally, after facing much danger, the party discovers the location of the Adamantium Heart, only to have it stolen away by an evil sorceress, Countess Malgorra del Incendio, who plans to use the stone to bring a great evil into the world. In the final battle, the party storms the snowy, dragonling-infested slopes of Drakensang Mountain to battle Malgorra, who transforms into a great, hydra-like dragon.

The game allows players to create a party with up to four characters. Combat in Drakensang is evaluated as a sequence of turns that are executed in real time. The player has the option to pause the combat then issue orders to the party members for one or more successive turns. Each activity costs a number of action points that are deducted from the total for the character.