Castle Clash Hack Cheat Gems, Gold, Mana Working Android/iOS



Hello everybody, today We will introduce tool cheats for game android Castle Clash. It’s is Castle Clash hack and cheats tool V1.3. Tool can give you free unlimited Gold, Gems, Mana, Infinite troops and more. Tool  Castle Clash cheat has created by Supercheatsteam. It’s is very safe for your account because it’s can auto change proxy on server. With Castle Clash hack tool you can become top player in game Castle Clash

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Castle Clash hack

Proof hack Castle Clash

This is image proof of hack Castle Clash


Download Castle Clash Cheats hack tool

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Download with sever 1

Download with sever 2

How to download ?

1. Click the “Download” Button ( Sever 1 or Server 2).

2. Select one of the survey are available on the site (Most of the survey is free).

3. Fill out the questionnaire (wait 1-2 min) and download the program.

How to use tool

  1. Download tool on website after unrar file
  2. Connect your android device, iOS device to computer use USB( Note: You must installed Castle Clash game)
  3. Run CastleClashhack .exe file
  4. Check new version by click Start update on Hack menu
  5. Choose device Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod
  6. Choose value Gold, Gems, Mana you want
  7. If you want use proxy, you can click Proxies
  8. Click Start hack on Hack menu
  9. Wait in a few seconds
  10. Disconnect and reload Castle Clash game
  11. Have fun. Good lucky

Review Castle Clash game( Source:

Castle Clash is a fantasy based combative strategy game, but if you’re expecting an extraordinary story of kidnapping, rescue, or revenge, you won’t find any such convoluted storyline here. An abrupt five-screen introduction to the game at the start provides a few basic instructions for gameplay, but it fails to do any justice for a newbie trying out the game for the first time. Luckily, the game isn’t overly complicated and after spending an hour or two, you pretty much figure out the whole idea anyway.

Building Up the Troops!

Basically, in Castle Clash, you set up different types of building units and hire troops to raid enemy camps. Each building unit lets you perform a certain type of task such as unlocking magical spells, hiring troops harvesting mana and so on. Each building can be leveled up using gold currency or Mana. Leveling up is very expensive as it progresses, but is essential to equip your troops and enjoy the wholesome features and capabilities of the various elements. So if you wanted to unlock more spells, you’ll need to level up the Relic Hall and if you wanted to employ additional troops, leveling up an Army camp is the way to go.

Game Currency and Extras

To do just about any activity in Castle Clash, you need gems, gold coins, Mana, honor badges and shards. At the start of the game you receive just about enough of all these elements to get going. And unlike other games, you don’t really run out of them very quickly. That means longer playing time without spending anything extra. Gems are limited in number but can be gradually earned by completing easily gettable achievements. Mana will be harvested by setting up Mana mills, while gold can be earned by setting up mines. Honor badges are basically points you earn in the battlefield or Arena. Shards are exclusive and hard to find items and will sometimes come your way when you engage in battles.

Sound the Battle Cry

Once you’ve collected sufficient resources to hire troops, you head over to the Army camp and start recruiting them for your battles. Troops are of different types, each come with their special abilities, and you choose the combination of troops you think will help you win battles. When you have sufficient troops, and heroes ( Heroes can be hired in the Heroes’ Altar), its time to hit the battlefield. Battlefields are dungeons that look quite similar to the camp you are building. You have to set up your troops at strategic points outside the enemy camp and watch the battles play out. Most battles are short and usually last only for a minute or two.

If you win the battle you collect all the gold, Mana, honor points and shards that the battle offers. If you lose, you still collect whatever resources you have plundered. Plus, troops who have survived the battle will be returned back to your army camp. The dungeons get tougher to raid as you progress through the map, so you are constantly strengthening your heroes and fortifying your troops to ensure that you end up on the winning side. One factor that players may not appreciate with battle play is the lack of control over their troops but this is a strategy game after all, so the focus definitely lies in placement and skill development rather than troop control.

The Verdict

There’s plenty of things happening at Castle Clash and the game has many good things going for it. Unlike most strategy games where you get blocked by an IAP system, Castle Clash offers a balanced mix of currencies that keeps you in play for many many hours. Although the game is easy to play, there are plenty of hidden layers underneath that you will enjoy exploring. The game’s graphics are pretty though players would probably appreciate the characters if they were a little more viewable. Smooth animations, simple one tap controls and easy soundtracks add more complements to the game.