Village Life Cheats tool hack add unlimited gems and coins to your account

village life cheats

Hello everybody, Today we will introduce Village Life Cheats tool for game Village Life on facebook.

We promise cheats tool is:

  •   Safe for your account
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Village Life Cheats 2014 about:

This tool is that the best resolution if you wish to feature additional resources into your Village Life account on Facebook. you’ll be able to currently add unlimited quantity of Gems into your account while not paying any real money from your pocket. We’ve even further several different options that you just will clearly notice within the image given on top of to reinforce your diversion expertise.

If we tend to cite the protection of your account, we will guarantee you that this Village Life Cheat is 100 percent undetected and Safe to use. We’ve even further associate automatic update feature in order that whenever you begin this tool, it gets updated mechanically directly from our servers. We tend to keep change our tools on weekly basis which causes you to additional secured. You’ll be able to currently generate unlimited Coins in your account exploitation this hack tool.

Using tool you’ll be able to currently have unlimited energy in your account and unlock all of your things. Currently fancy several of the premium options while not paying any cash and even double up your expertise that you just gain.

Village Life Hack Tool  2014 Can:

  1. Gems Adder Hack
  2. Coins Generator
  3. Unlimited Energy
  4. Unlock All Items Hack
  5. Double XP Hack

Review Game Village Life

Gems- This displays the number of Gems you currently possess. Gems can be used to speed up tasks, purchase keys, and purchase special items.

Wisdom Keys- This displays the number of Wisdom Keys you currently possess. Wisdom Keys can be used to unlock new content, such as new sources of food or new resources.

Energy Potions- This displays the number of Energy Potions you currently possess. Energy Potions can be used to instantly replenish the energy of one of your villagers at any time.

Level Shrine- Your current level, as well as how full your Shrine is of Happiness, is displayed here. When your Shrine is filled, click on it to increase your standing an additional level.

Coins- This is the game’s main form of currency. Coins are used to purchase items from the Market.

Village Mailbox- Any mail you receive can be viewed here, including resources sent to you, requests, and relationship-related mail. The Village Mailbox is automatically displayed every time you log into the game.

Settings- Game settings can be accessed from this button, including Zoom, Fullscreen, Music and Sound options.

News- Any new news or updates regarding the game and its contents are displayed here.

User Actions- Identified by the wrench icon, this allows you to access a sub-menu for changing the area around you. The Select, Move, Rotate, and Sell buttons are found within this sub-menu.

Select Villager- This button lets you immediately select the nearest villager. You can also toggle between villagers using the arrows.

Food- By clicking this button, you will be able to see a complete list of the types of Foraging food, Farming food, Gathered materials, and Mined materials.

Buildings- From here you can view all the various types of buildings, from Shelter to Storage to Fun– you’ll be able to see what is currently available to you and what’s yet to be unlocked.

Crafting- From this menu, you can view the various types of Tool sets and Fun objects available to you, and which are yet to be unlocked.

Market- Purchase decorative extras for your village from this menu.

Friends- This panel keeps track of your friends who are also playing Village Life. You can also invite friends from here.

Download cheats tool

You can download cheats tool with link

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Download with sever 1

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How to download ?

1. Click the “Download” Button ( Sever 1 or Server 2).

2. Select one of the survey are available on the site (Most of the survey is free).

3. Fill out the questionnaire (wait 1-2 min) and download the program.


*Survey tips*
– Use information from or your genuine info.
– MANUALLY type information in, do NOT copy paste or use auto-fill feature.
– Don’t rush through it, and take your time. These surveys are able to detect it.
– After the survey is completed, wait around 30 seconds up to 1 minute and BAM your download will begin!

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How to use Cheats tool:

1. Login with your Facebook account.

2. Start the  Cheats  tool.

3. Edit the values.

4. Click on Start Hack.

5. Visit Village Life Facebook game app.